“I was made to come through my employer but as I came my thinking changed and on the quit date I stopped smoking. I was interested in facilitating the QSN classes at our local homeless shelter St. Matthews House so I went for the training. After facilitating at SMH I became more involved with AHEC and have been facilitating classes ever since.  I love the TTQ, and QSN program and have enjoyed helping other people overcome their addiction to nicotine.”

Heather J.

Smoked 30+ years 20 Cigarettes /day, Quit Smoking April 2011

“Participating in this program was the healthiest decision I have made in my entire life.”

Renae P.

Smoked 40+ years 30 cigarettes/day, Quit Smoking April 2017

“I’ve smoked over 20 years ,20 cigarettes per day, and haven’t smoked in 4 weeks. Thanks to the classes I don’t miss it one bit!”

Wendy M.

Smoked 20+ years, 20 Cigarettes /day, Quit Smoking June 2017

“A living miracle I couldn’t walk to my mailbox on my ranch, I never associated it with smoking. Once I quit smoking I could walk again. I would not smoke again if the cigarettes were free!”

Edward Y.

Smoked over 49 +year,s 20 Cigarettes /day, Quit Smoking April 2017

I had tried and failed several times in my life to quit smoking, before trying the Quit Smoking Now program. I was diagnosed in 2015 with Heart disease from being a smoker. Later that same year I had a major heart attack leaving me in a coma for almost 3 months.  When I woke up I was told that the lack of oxygen to my brain at that time caused my major organs to shut down, my kidneys never fully recovered causing me to be on dialysis.

In order to qualify for a transplant I had to quit smoking. This program, was the best decision I could have made. Not only do they offer nicotine replacement, but the support and the materials that exposed the truth about cigarettes was exactly what I needed. My class coach, Jessica, truly cared about each of us. The 3rd week of being smoke free my kidneys started working and I am now completely off dialysis.

I can now look forward to life!  I am able to run on the beach with my grandchildren without gasping for air. I’m active and dancing my way into a great future, I can’t thank you enough for developing this program and I recommend it to anyone trying to quit.

Conne J.

Smoked for 35+ years 20+ Cigarettes/day, Quit Smoking December 2016